The seven elements required in a good note-taking application.

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Note-Taking Applications

Seven key elements I want in My Note-taking application.

  1. It must make it easy to save notes from multiple computer applications.

The Five Most Robust and Popular Note-Taking Applications

  1. Roam: This one, to me, is for programmers. It requires a lot of add-on code to make it user-friendly. But it’s the most robust.
  2. Evernote: This is the oldest and is becoming very useful and user-friendly. Many changes have occurred during the last year favorable for the user.
  3. Notion: This is another well-known program. It’s a blank page that allows you to construct anything you want. The popular metaphor is that it’s like Lego blocks that you can put together any way you want. Because of this, you end up if you put in the time with a custom-fit note-taking application.
  4. Obsidian: This is one of the newer entrants in this space and has much promise. However, it also has a lot of add-ons that add value.
  5. This is another new entry that I have just started exploring, and I have to say I’m impressed with its ease of use so far.



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