The climate belongs to the world

we’re all in this together

Life on our planet affects and is affected by all of us. The only question is whether or not the barriers we have will come down before or after the earth throws us out. Unfortunately, we have been woefully unconcerned about what we do to the planet as we live our lives. We have spent centuries trying to change the planet to fit our desires rather than listening to the planet's needs. The time has come to change our ways or suffer the consequences.

Climate Change

Climate change is a major way the earth is telling us we can’t really control it. So we have to develop a way to live in a symbiotic relationship with it. We already know some of the answers and things we have to change: using materials from the planet, fracking beneath the surface, controlling our emissions to have clean air, using our water resources more thoughtfully. Changing the building of dwellings and the space we use for each. The NOAA says July was the hottest month on record. According to a report issued by the United Nations, our future is also expected to continue to get hotter.

Emissions Control

As individuals, as a country, and as a world, we need to be mindful of what we emit into the atmosphere. The United Nations report stated that we must control co2 emissions or face an increasing rise in temperatures. Global warming resulting from not reducing emissions will only wreak greater havoc on our climate and the resulting water supply and storm severity. Greenhouse gases seem to be a key element in the fight over climate change- we either reduce them or suffer more severe consequences.

Water Resources

The rainfall patterns are changing as the west is prolonged drought, and the east has more and more rainfall and severe storm events. Unless we figure out a way to rebalance our water, we will face severe population disruptions. Californians that are being burned out or no longer can get the water they need for drinking may very well start migrating to other parts of the country. The latest cuts in the water came today in the Lower Colorado Ricer Basin, with reductions that will affect Arizona farmers this year and next.

Food Supplies

As rainfalls in different places than where we have been growing our food supplies, we either run out or face more disruptions in farming and agriculture. For example, for those wine lovers, NAPA Valley is experiencing severe climate changes and may have to relocate to another location to sustain its wine-making. In addition, central California, where many of our vegetables grow, will once again become a desert without a future supply of water.

Building and Space for Living

In the US, we have plenty of space for building living spaces. We have had plenty of wood and other building materials. But that is changing. We need to rethink how much space do we need to live in. More importantly, we need to build houses that require minimal heating and cooling to reduce emissions.

Zero energy building designs exist. However, most local and state governments don’t require them. The definition of net-zero buildings is still unclear.

Our response

What can an individual do to help the planet?

  1. Quit buying muscle cars because they are big and fan your ego. The car’s purpose is to get you from point A to B. Look for solutions that do that and don’t pollute the environment.
  2. Make your personal decisions based on reducing emissions. For example, lower your thermostat in the summer. Also, add solar panels to your home.
  3. Change your buying habits. Many of your purchases have a longer life than the advertisers will admit. If it is working, don’t buy another newer one. If it breaks, repair rather than replace it. Become a good steward.
  4. Encourage your local governments to get behind clean energy. For example, California now requires solar panels on all new residences and businesses. We should all be considering this.

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Bob Barnard

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