The Aftermath of Roe v Wade.

Bob Barnard
3 min readJun 28, 2022


As we all know, the Supreme Court Overturned the almost 50-year-old decision of a previous Supreme Court in 1973. Their decision legalized abortion beginning in 1973. This decision was later modified in 1993 and finally overturned in June 2022.

With the Supreme Court passing the abortion decision back to each state, thirteen states have made abortion illegal. In addition, it is expected that more states will enact their own abortion laws. So, what does this mean for women?

The Predictable aftermath of the overturn of Roe v Wade

It is going to be a mixed bag.

  1. There will be a lot of pressure on Congress to pass a new abortion rights Act. Although, this doesn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future. We will see protests and public pressure to do something by reinstating it through a new law.
  2. Abortion rights will become one of the main themes in the upcoming midterm elections. Those in favor of a woman’s right to choose will work diligently to get those who feel the same elected to Congress.
  3. Feminists will rally around those who see this ruling as a significant step in the patriarchal attempts to deny women equal rights. I expect this to create many new discussions around the theme of women’s rights. It may even spill over into the voting rights arena. The question here is why do we continue to treat women as second-class citizens. Are men so insecure that they cannot see the value in Women?
  4. Women who want or need an abortion will be forced to travel to states that allow abortions. With the prohibitions against abortion in thirteen states the poor will be impacted the most because of their inability to travel. Currently, thirteen states have or will soon have anti-abortion laws, and we can expect more to follow.
  5. Women will be forced to use alternate means to get abortions, such as using the abortion pill until it is also outlawed. This medical abortion is different from surgical abortions, and the FDA has approved several drugs. No doubt, we will see litigation around the issue of whether or not the recent action makes these pills illegal as well.
  6. We can expect a rise in mental illness in mothers and children. It is well known that babies held and nurtured by their parents are mentally healthier when they grow up. How can we expect a 14 -year old mother to do this for new twins.
  7. People on both sides of the issue seem even more dogged in their positions. Another decisive point that will interfere in any attempts to bring us closer to the Democratic Ideals of our Founding Fathers.

So what do you do

  1. Help those who need help.
  2. Make sure you know who you are voting for. Ultra-conservative politicians will resist returning women’s right to choose. Adding to the democratic majority will help get the right to choose the law.
  3. Be sure to vote!
  4. Make your feelings known about the repeal of Roe v Wade and the politicization of the Supreme Court.



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