Six Improvement Steps to make a less stressful Astounding Happier You in 22.

You can change and improve! |
  1. Society has defined success for you. Whether we like it or not, Society has defined what makes us successful. For the last several decades, this has been the province of the ad agencies and marketers. So get bigger, newer, different styled widgets before anyone else gets it. Only buy certain brands so you can be in the “in” crowd.
  2. Society has taught us to measure ourselves against others. We must wear the right clothes, be outgoing, join the right clubs to live up to social standards or fall short.
  3. Society has created, with our help, of course, what I call artificial deadlines. Deadlines are a means of raising your stress levels higher and higher for something that usually isn’t real.
  4. Society has defined what happiness is for us. We must be this way, or we can’t possibly be happy.

But you’re in charge, not Society!

  1. Evaluate what you currently think.




Free lance writer: fintech, comp tech

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Bob Barnard

Bob Barnard

Free lance writer: fintech, comp tech

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