Independence Week: Justice and Equality for all.

Justice is blind

All Men are created equal

Our founding fathers stated with great clarity the fundamental that all men are created equal. This has been a fundamental premise of our country since day one. Unfortunately, it is a concept that we regularly ignore at the highest levels of government. The latest example is the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe V Wade disregarding the rights of women and destroying 50 years of progress.

However, it is not only women's rights to equality that are being trampled upon, it is the rights of all people because we treat different people differently than we would like to be treated. There are several levels of inequality currently present in the US.

  1. Racial inequality is still a cancer in our body politic.
  2. We have made some small strides but we still have a long way to go when a mother of color has to teach her children how to behave in our society so that they won’t be shot or unjustly put in prison.
  3. Economic inequality is prevalent in our society and getting worse.
  4. Covid made the problem of economic inequality even worse than it was before. The poor became poorer or sicker because they couldn’t work from home. And if you are barely living from paycheck to paycheck, as any were before covid, losing that paycheck just made things worse.
  5. Access to education and the internet remains prevalent.
  6. During covid education relied on computers and access to a working internet, but many didn’t have the access and fell even farther behind. It will take many years to recover if they can. Also, there are many parts of our country that do not have affordable internet access today.
  7. Access to medical care. If you don’t have good insurance then you don’t get the same medical care as someone who has good coverage.
  8. Medical access has become impossible to afford without insurance coverage. Many medications are so expensive they are out of reach for many who need them.
  9. Access to housing and air conditioning
  10. Living conditions vary from rural to suburban to city life but they exist only for those who can afford the high prices that currently exist.
  11. Access to means of transportation.
  12. If you don’t live in a city or area with public transportation and can’t afford a car you are being deprived of access to many services that others find necessary.
  13. Access to the same quality defense in the courts.
  14. The statute of Justice is depicted as blind to individuals being judged by their peers, but that is far from the truth. If you can’t afford high-priced lawyers and investigators then you are not being treated equally in the eyes of the law, you are at a disadvantage. Our public defenders are overworked and lack the resources to properly defend against the state with their deep pockets.

And the list goes on food and clothing, soon-to-be access to water, etc.

It is up to us to address these inequalities and the many others we see on a daily basis. If not us then who is responsible. Is the poor person responsible for being poor? I’m sure some would argue they are, that this is the land of opportunity and they just have to grab one. But that is a simplistic explanation.

Who will fix this?

The only one who can fix this is “We the People”. We must raise our individual voices to point out these problems. Gather together to find acceptable solutions and most importantly realize it isn’t them against us it is us. All are equal and deserve equal treatment from us and opportunities to excel.



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